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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, Part 17 (bi-high school)_____________Experimenting 17______________
As they walked the last block or so toward her house, Jamie noticed that
Carolyn had gotten awfully quiet. Considering the hot encounter they had
had earlier with the cute Beth in the women's locker room, Jamie was
baffled as to why Carolyn would be down, unless it was just post-orgasmic
depression or maybe she was just sexed-out and tired; that would
certainly be understandable. As they reached the front walk Jamie stopped
and decided to press a little. "Car what's your deal? You don't look
happy again. Getting kind of burned out, or what?"Carolyn actually wasn't aware that she had been quiet, but it didn't
surprise her--too much was going freedom lolitas guestbook pictures on in her head at this moment. Too many
of the things she'd thought were true weren't true, and too many of the
beliefs she'd been brought up to believe she was now seeing as
old-fashioned bullshit, although there was still a sense of uncertainty
since sooooo many people seemed to believe them. She looked up at Jamie,
smiling but not completely. "I'm fine, Jame," she said, trying to sound
more confident than she felt, "It's just a lot of things are flying around
in my head. I catch myself feeling guilty about stuff, but then I look at
why I feel that way and I think most of it is BS but there's still a
little nagging...I don't know what...""Like, what do feel guilty about?""Well, duhh I mean, I was brought up hearing that sex is dirty, don't
show your body to anyone, don't touch there, don't rub yourself on that
chair that way, pull your skirt down, blah blah blah...I mean, it never
even came UP not to have sex with girls, that was too dirty to even THINK
about...and I just had, and loved, sex with a 13 year old which I'm sure
would give my parents a heart attack. I mean, I'm happy about everything
we've done and I feel awesome, but there's just this little thing that
keeps telling me that I shouldn't feel happy about it so it's messing with
me a little. Why are you so cool with it all, come to think of it? I
mean, I know you did stuff with Margie and all and almost with that guy,
but you're really not that much more experienced than I am..."Jamie sat on the front step and patted the concrete next to her. "You
know, you just think about this stuff more than I do my parents really
never talked to me about any of this, and they never said anything about
what people should or shouldn't do, sexually I mean I don't remember it
EVER coming up. Maybe I have no conscience at all. I just kind of do what
I wanna do without thinking about it first." She paused and looked squarely
at Carolyn, then continued, "I know someday that's probably going to get me
into big trouble, so I'm kind of glad at least one of us thinks about that
shit. I mean, not to totally stress you out, but have you thought about
what might happen when we go in this house, knowing that there's two horny
boys inside who probably think more like I do than like you do just
because they're boys and their dicks run their lives? I mean, odds are
pretty good that at least some kind of sex is going to happen between us
and them not saying it has to if you don't want it to, but let's get
real; you may not switch on as instantly as I do, but I've seen you when
you get going there's no stopping you either."Carolyn looked pensively out toward the street from her seat on the front
step. "I know don't think I haven't been thinking about the boys too,
particularly after our talk at the pool. I'm just not sure I'm ready to be
with a boy yet I'm just figuring out sex with girls. I mean, I know you
kind of want to fuck a boy but then that's you--like you said, you don't
think much about what you want, you just do it. I love sex and all, and I
might like to watch you get fucked I liked watching you with Beth but
I'm just not sure I can." She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on
them as she lost herself in thought again."Well, let's just try to keep an pre teen lolita galleries
open mind, ok? It's worked ok so
far...holy shit!" Jamie exclaimed as a boy who she had just noticed was
riding his bike in circles past the front of lolas in pantie pics the house crashed into a
parked station lolitas topless or nude wagon, throwing him against the back window and then onto
the street, where he lay dazed. "Are you ok?" she yelled, getting up."Uhhh, fine, I think..." he said, getting up and dusting himself off, never
taking his eyes off the girls until he got on his bike and rode away,
continuing to look back at them until he almost went over a curb."What a spazz," said Carolyn, "Wonder if he's high or something."Jamie wondered what his problem was as well until she turned back toward
the house. "Ummm, Cary?" she said with a smile."What?""You know you have no underwear on, right?""So wha..oh, shit!" Carolyn started and then ran a hand down to between her
thighs, feeling her soft pubic hair and plump vaginal lips quite
prominently displayed at freedom lolita bbs teen the lower juncture of her drawn up knees, which
she quickly dropped down, smoothing her skirt down her lap.Jamie convulsed in laughter, "Haaaaa! No wonder that poor kid almost
killed himself" (snort) "He probably thought he saw God!"Carolyn allowed herself a few chuckles as well before saying, young spread legs lolit "Well, I'm
glad I could speed up his development. We better get inside before he's
back here with about ten of his friends.""Hey, you could charge admission!" added Jamie unhelpfully, "Six peeks for
$5!"Carolyn whacked her on the arm in mock anger as they got up. As Jamie
opened the door she paused and put her finger to her lips, saying softly
"If there's something going on in here we don't want to disturb it, do we?
Let's be quiet as mice until we know what's going on."They moved slowly into the house, pausing to listen as they had in the pool
locker room. All they heard was the loud ticking of the old grandfather
clock in the dining room, so they moved toward the kitchen. Other than the
humming refrigerator, they still heard nothing...wait; was
that...breathing? Groaning? A soft mumbling noise was apparent coming
from where? Jamie thought was it...under their feet? Yes! The
basement! The door to which was almost closed, but not quite. Jamie
tiptoed over to it and heard soft moaning and heavy breathing and, thinking
the boys were at it again, looked over at Carolyn with a goofy grin and
made the thumbs-up sign. As she opened the door a little wider, however,
it became apparent that the sounds were female and a little artificial.
"They must be watching porn," whispered Jamie, "Let's go down as quiet as
we can and maybe we can catch them doing each other like sweet lollita nude pictures I did before. Do
you want to?"Despite her earlier reservations, Carolyn found herself excited by the
prospect. She came to the conclusion that she just liked sex, and watching
people have it was pretty cool too.They slowly worked their way down the top100 girls nude loli steps, sticking to the side of each
stair to minimize creaking. About two thirds of the way to the bottom they
first saw the TV screen which, as they suspected, was zoomed in closely on
an excited-looking female organ into which delicate fingers were being slid
rhythmically, causing the owner of the organ to make the pleasure sounds
they had heard. As Jamie's eyes got accustomed to the darker basement she
finally spotted the boys and flung her arm out to stop Carolyn before she
realized there was no need and convulsed in a frantic attempt to hold back
laughter the boys were fast asleep on the couch. Gary was curled up in a
fetal position on one end of the sectional, and Greg was sprawled on the
other end, his feet straight out onto the floor in front of him and spread,
pants down around his ankles, soft penis draped over his left thigh, and
the shop towel/cum rag gripped in his right hand.Carolyn's attention was riveted on Greg's flaccid organ, being the first
one she had really ever seen for any extended period of time. From the
brief glimpse of it she had young spread legs lolit seen of it earlier God, was that the same
day, she groaned inwardly--it really was different hard than soft. It
looked fairly benign now and really not all that sexual, whereas from what
she had seen of it when hard there was a clear urgency to it that kind of
scared her. Maybe that was partly why she wasn't sure about having sex with
a boy; their desperate need to come whenever they got excited, their need
to spray their juice everywhere (from what she had seen in Gary's closet),
was just a little gross and didn't seem romantic at all to her. On the
other hand, she had to admit that Jamie really wasn't all that different,
even by her own admission, and maybe the difference was that she loved
Jamie and knew Jamie cared about her as a person independent of all the
sex. Boys? Well, she had always heard that they were only interested in
one thing even if an exaggeration there must be some truth to it.In her reverie she hadn't noticed that Jamie was no longer laughing and was
instead standing totally still, staring at the TV, on which two women were
passionately kissing. The camera was in close on their wet mouths, their
tongues clearly visible, dancing and entwining against each other with
obvious lust, then moved down to show the woman more on top caressing the
breast of the other, the nipple fully erect and almost quivering in its
tumescence. A few moments later the top woman's hand gently traced its way
lower along the other's tapered waist to the ridge of her hipbone and then,
oh-so-slowly made its way to the prominent pubic mound, feathered with only
an inch wide strip of soft looking brownish blond hair, at which point the
index finger stroked the outward edge of a swollen, meaty protrusion before
separating the purplish inner lips to reveal a soaked inner canal. The top
woman's thumb gently rotated at the top of the excited looking slit, then
moved away to reveal a proud, totally erect clitoris, its inflamed pink tip
throbbing and pointed, the entire organ being at least half the length of
the top woman's thumb."Wow," whispered Carolyn breathlessly, her sex moistening in response to
the erotic display on the TV, "Jamie that's maybe even bigger than
yours."Jamie continued to stare at the screen blankly, but then said "I know I
always wondered where I got it.""What do you mean?" asked Carolyn, confused."That's my aunt my mom's sister."Carolyn paused in shock, not sure what she had just heard or what it meant,
until the camera pulled back a little farther to show the woman on top
plunge her tongue deep into the other's hole, whipping butterfly licks
across the erect clitoris, which clenched and throbbed with excitement.
"Your...what...who...who's the other one...?" Carolyn stuttered, just a
moment before her mouth dropped open to see the unmistakable, pretty face
of Jamie's mom smile up at the camera, covered with sexual juices, before
diving back into the succulent organ like a starving person on a birthday
cake."Come with me," Jamie said urgently, and pulled Carolyn top100 girls nude loli by the arm into little lolita nude tgps
laundry room, closing the louvered door through which the TV could still be
seen somewhat, at which point Jamie bent over and put her hands on her
knees, taking deep breaths. Carolyn, not sure what to do, patted her
friend on the back and waited for her to compose herself. Jamie slowly
straightened up, an odd smile on her face. "Maybe that's why my parents
never told us any rules about sex doesn't look like they have any,
either.""How do you feel about what we just saw?" asked Carolyn gently."Well, other than the fact that it's kind of a shock and I feel kind of
weird about you seeing it, I really don't feel anything at all except it
made me horny again that's some pretty hot sex they've got going there,
if you get past who it is, and I guess I can do that pretty easily. How
about you?""Gotta admit it's pretty weird, but your aunt is a definite hottie, and
it's kind of cool to see a pussy almost as pretty as yours. I'd be lying
if I said I wasn't pretty horny too.""Okay, then," Jamie said, reaching her arms out and pulling Carolyn close,
looking hotly into her eyes, "What are we going to do about it?" But as
they leaned into the kiss, they heard a groan from the other room and then
a snort, and then a voice say, "Fuck me, are they still goin' at it?"The boys were up.
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